IT Peripherals Product Sets


Evolved supply all of the bare essentials used within todays workplace. With a wide array of brands and a huge itinerary of products you can rest assured the equipment you need is just a day away.

Evolved act as a supplier for the provision of but not limited to the following products:

  • Cables (e.g. USB, network cables, fibre network cables, parallel etc)
  • External Drives (e.g. CD, Floppy, DVD, hard disk drives etc)
  • Cards (e.g. graphics, audio, expansion)
  • Laptop Accessories (e.g. cases, locks, power supplies, batteries)
  • Storage (e.g. encrypted USB devices)
  • Desktop Accessories (e.g. webcams, speakers, sound bars, digital cameras, video cameras, keyboards, mice)
  • Printers and Scanners (including, but not limited to, standalone, wide format and network connectable printers, document scanners and fax machines, multi-function devices (MFDs), photocopiers, print room equipment and managed print services
  • Assistive Technologies (e.g. ergonomic mice and keyboards, high visibility keyboards)
  • Speciality Products (e.g. infection control keyboards, radio communication consumables)