Virtualization Solutions – Do more with less


In nearly every business today there is a growing need to save energy, floor space and reduce the complexity and expense of managing IT infrastructures. Realising the maximum value from your technology investments, as well as reducing the cost and complexity of adding new IT services is paramount.

The quest for leaner IT infrastructures has led to explosive growth in virtualization and consolidation solutions.

Our virtualization solutions provide

  •   Reduced costs – a virtualised infrastructure requires fewer physical servers than a non-virtualized infrastructure; leading to dramatically lower running costs in power and cooling, and less floorspace required
  •   Improved performance – virtualisation allocates the required computing capacity whenever it is needed; leading to generally faster response times
  •   Ease of management – virtualisation can centralise many of the administrative functions into a single console; making administrative management of the entire IT infrastructure far more simple

Our virtualization expertise includes

  •   Application virtualisation – standardised and accelerated deployment, improved security by isolating the application, simplified systems migration, ‘incompatible’ applications can be run side by side simultaneously
  •   Desktop virtualisation – simple desktop standardisation, easy desktop provisioning for new users, low cost in deploying new applications, secure remote access to the enterprise environment, reduced downtime during server or client hardware failures
  •   Server virtualisation – high availability, business continuity, more efficient use of capacity, greater efficiency and increased security
  •   Storage virtualisation – non-disruptive data migration, improved use of storage devices, easier capacity planning and data lifecycle management with fewer points of management

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