Routing And Switching

Enabling networks to become a strategic business asset through effective planning, integration and support.


Addressing the needs of today’s business

Flexible and agile new business models play a fundamental part in today’s business environment, where customers increasingly expect a customised and personal experience above and beyond their existing service portfolio.  IT plays a pivotal role across many businesses in enabling progress, delivering new capabilities while running the existing business.

In order to succeed in this ever evolving marketplace requires effective network support and increased utilisation of system resources.  Business and information technology goes hand in hand, with the network acting as the fulcrum to all the people, locations, resources, and applications of a business.

Efficient preparation and design to enhance performance and allow scalability

The progress of any business is dependent on the integration of new technologies, devices and applications onto the routing and switching platform. Effective integration relies on a precise assessment of your  network and general promptness to support proposed solutions which Evolved can deliver on your behalf.

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